Ashley Rutherford is a sculptural painter exploring organic and botanical motifs. Her work entertains the idea that painting can take on various physical forms beyond paint and canvas. Her practice of oil painting has fostered various concurrent forms of expression such as fiber work, experimental sculpture projects, and installation. She uses several materials to focus upon the idea of people making spaces for themselves, particularly with the use of plants as a means to explore our relationship with the natural environment.


  2017, Certificate in Painting, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art,

  Philadelphia, PA.

  2018, Bachelors in Fine Art, University of Pennsylvania,

  Philadelphia, PA.


  2017, Violette De Mazia Scholarship, the Barnes Foundation,         

  Philadelphia, PA.

  2017, Hal and Linda Robinson Book Award.


  2018Wabi Sabi, Spillway Collective, Crane Arts Building,

  Philadelphia, PA. Curated by collective members Megan Webb and Elana Mallov, 

  with artist Madeline Thompson.

  2018, Permanent Installation at Cadence Restaurant,161 West Girard Avenue
  Philadelphia, PA.